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semantic cat
semantic cat

Have you ever implemented search engine optimization best practices, and nothing happened? Have you ever wondered why some websites dominate search engine results with almost no effort? While you implemented the top standards, the Google Analytics needle did not move much! You'd even be more surprised to find that these niche websites rarely focus on classic SEO techniques— such as the ones we all know about.

Well, it is not 2013 anymore. Welcome to the Semantic Web, where the data on the Internet is linked and becoming machine-readable. Here, your SEO performance depends on whether search engine crawlers can understand your website content and can relate it to search intent or not.

Unlike yesterday's Web, today's Web using semantic technologies looks past keywords, transforms unstructured data into semi-structured data to be fully structured, and now evaluates context on the Web to provide more accurate search results.

Do you want to learn the techniques of the Semantic Web? And the Semantic tools needed? In order to have a high semantic quality? The followings are what we are going to learn in this article

Let's go!