Schema Markup Services

SCHEMANTRA provides a full range of customized schema markup advisory and implementation services to businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations.

We provide structured data solutions, using our schema markup generator tool. Whether it is implementing advanced SEO markups to help Google find your business or designing a structured data system for your custom needs, SCHEMANTRA has the ability and the tool to impart knowledge through unbiased consulting and advisory solutions.

Every engagement undertaken by SCHEMANTRA is bespoke - with the methodology and analytics specifically tailored to meet the clients' requirements and challenges. We use a range of research techniques to provide custom made schema markups and recommendations to consistently deliver structured data services that best represent the clients' interests.

Custom Solutions

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For Healthcare and Medical Industry

Schema markups for healthcare services and medical industry.

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For Hotels & Hospitality

Schema markups for hotels and hospitality services.

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For Automotive industry

Schema markups for automotive industry.

Structured Data and Markups for Hospitals

There is a great deal of high-quality health and medical information on the web. Today it is often difficult for people to find and navigate this information, as search engines and other applications access medical content mostly by keywords and ignore the underlying structure of the medical knowledge contained in that content. Moreover, high-quality content can be hard to find using a search engine if the content isn't optimized to map the content's concepts to the keywords that users tend to use in search. And while the medical community has invested significant effort in building rich structured ontologies to describe medical knowledge, such structure is today typically available only 'behind the scenes' rather than shared in the Web using standard markup.

To help with these issues, we can help adding a set of structured data types to your medical organization. schemas that will offer a simple way for content providers to mark up the implicit structure in the medical information they publish. Our structured data designs come with the main goal of helping patients, physicians, and generally health-interested consumers find relevant health information via search.

Our approach is intended to be a framework for tagging known or novel medical concepts/entities, and optionally their relationships, as they appear in freeform text on the web. To manage scope, we have focused on markup that will help in use cases such as patients, physicians, and generally health-interested consumers searching for relevant health information. our schema can link to and take advantage of existing ontologies and enumerations.

Structured Data and Markups for Hotels

When marking up hotel-related information in Web content with schemantra, there are three core objects:

  1. A lodging business, e.g. a hotel, hostel, resort, or a camping site): essentially the place and local business that houses the actual units of the establishment (e.g. hotel rooms). The lodging business can encompass multiple buildings but is in most cases a coherent place.
  2. An accommodation, i.e. the actually relevant units of the establishment (e.g. hotel rooms, suites, apartments, meeting rooms, camping pitches, etc.). These are the actual objects that are offered for rental.
  3. An offer to let a hotel room (or other forms of accommodations) for a particular amount of money and for a given type of usage (e.g. occupancy), typically further constrained by advance booking requirements and other terms and conditions.

In Schemantra, an offer for a hotel room is using the same patterns as an offer for any other type of product or service, e.g. a TV set or a welding service. However, a hotel room is not a subclass of Product or Service. To enable an offer to be described, we will use is made of the Multi-Typed Entity (MTE) feature of Schemantra.

When defining an instance of an Accommodation, that is offered by a LodgingBusiness, it is described as being both the appropriate Type for the accomodation and a Product. Thus for example a Hotel will make an Offer, or offers, for a HotelRoom, that is also identified as a Product. Prices and terms and conditions are thus not properties of the hotel or hotel room, but of the offer for a certain room or room category.

Structured Data and Markups for Automative Industry

The automotive extension of ( refers to the most important real-world objects related to popular vehicles like cars, buses (coaches) and motorcycles. Whilst the extension allows for a fair description of all kinds of vehicles, it focuses predominantly on passenger automobiles from the retail market perspective.

There are four major classes of objects reflected in the extension:

  1. The most popular types of automobiles and their usage.
  2. The automobile configuration.
  3. The engines and their characteristics.
  4. The features of the automobiles that relate to their commercial aspects as products.

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