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semantic writing
semantic writing

This series of articles will introduce you to the secrets of Semantic SEO, and it will include: Introducing Semantics, Lexical Relations, Semantic Roles, Semantic Features, Seven Types of Meanings, Three Important Semantic Expressions: Utterances, Sentences and Propositions, Ambiguity of Senses, More Semantic Expressions: Reference, Referent and Sense, Levels of Meaning in Semantics, Similarity of Senses: Synonymy, Paraphrase and Hyponymy, Dissimilarity of Senses (Part 1), Dissimilarity of Senses (Part 2), and Lexical Meaning: Ways of Developing New Words out of Old Words.

For every article in this series, we will explore particular semantic SEO concepts, clarify their meanings, explain their relevance (why they are important), and show how to implement these strategies to enhance search engine rankings.

This essay aims to introduce semantics to those who are interested in it. Initially, it displays where it is positioned in the “Language diagram”. Also, it discusses various definitions of semantics, importance of semantics and two types of meaning.