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JS Code for Merchant Listing Requirements
JS Code for Merchant Listing Requirements

Google has recently introduced new guidelines regarding shipping details and merchant return policies to enhance merchant listings experience. These guidelines have been added to the product structured data help section.

This update is significant for businesses selling products. By including merchant return policy and shipping details in their structured data, along with the product price, reviews, and other rich result properties, businesses can enhance their visibility and attract more attention within Google Search. This, in turn, may impact their click-through rates positively from Google Search.

If you have exceptional shipping details and return policies, it is advisable to emphasize them through the Google Merchant Center and structured data to ensure their visibility within Google Search.

OfferShippingDetails and MerchantReturnPolicy are key requirements for the Rich Result experience in the Merchant listings of the Product schema. Your schema must include these properties, in addition to other specifications such as offer and price, to ensure compliance with the Rich Result guidelines.

Google Tag Manager can be used as a convenient method for adding offer shipping details and merchant return policy to an existing product schema using JavaScript.

If you have a WordPress website with an existing Product schema that lacks the necessary requirements for a merchant listing experience, and you're unsure how to add them, this article is tailored to help you.

I would like to express my gratitude to my friend Marcelo for bringing this issue to my attention. It is an important matter since numerous WordPress users face the same problem. Marcelo, a professional SEO consultant from Uruguay who has found a paid yet straightforward solution to this problem. I personally recommend him if you are in need of assistance.

In this article, I will guide you step by step on how to optimize the merchant listing experience to successfully pass the rich result test with no errors or warnings.