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About Schemantra

Schemantra is a JSON-LD markup generator that includes a data linking functionality, it allows you not only to generate schema markups but also to build knowledge graphs. Schemantra has 1353 schema types and 1448 schema properties, that you can create with full JSON-LD functionalities, Schemantra eliminates schema markup errors and allows you to build and visualize your data structure instantly from a friendly user interface.

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How to Generate Schema Markups

Use Schemantra to generate a simple and complex schema markups for your website without knowing how to code.

Get Started with Schema markups

Generate Schema Markups by Examples | FAQPage, Service

Learn how to generate popular schema markups by example. Use Schemantra to generate FAQPage schema and Service Schemas.

Get Started with Examples for Generating Schema Markups

Build a Knowledge Graph by Example | Markup For a Car

Learn how to generate a complex knowledge graph for Automobiles using Schemantra.

Get started with an example of a Knowledge Graph for Automotive