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Are you making schema markups one by one and wish there was an easier way? Are you fed up with using plugins that create the same schema on every page? Do you want each page to have its own unique schema but don't know how to automate the process? Do you want to learn how to apply structured data on scale?

If you're interested in learning ontology and structured data for semantic SEO, as well as how to create dynamic schema markups, I'm currently building a course on these topics. Join my waiting list to be the first to know when it becomes available!

If you have a large website with thousands of pages, and you want to add dynamic markups to all of them, you're in the right place! we're going to explore the world of dynamic schema markups. We'll take a look at how they can be tailored for each page of your website, without the hassle of manual input. And how to uniquely customize them for each webpage dynamically, bypassing the time-consuming manual process. Say goodbye to generic schema and say hello to a streamlined, efficient process that not only saves you time but also enhances your website's SEO potential. Let's dive in and uncover the secrets of applying dynamic structured data on a grand scale!

The problem is that you want to apply unique structured data to your entire website, but you have a large amount of web pages.

The solution is to add schema to any number of pages with just one piece of dynamic code.

This guide will show you how to create dynamic schema markups and automate the process on scale.

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