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SCHEMANTRA Quick Guide | Schema code Generator Guide

    How to Generate Schema Markups Using SCHEMANTRA

    for more details you can check the full guide

  • Sign In
  • In the Dashboard click “Create New
  • In the Schema Navigator Select a Schema type, click “Submit“
  • Fill in the schema properties (you don't have to fill all of them), click “Save”. Congrats you have created your first schema

Advantages of using JSON-LD to write structured data

JSON-LD has no effect on page performance because it can be loaded concurrently JSON-LD is inserted into the page without altering the existing HTML structure or tags It is simple for web developers to reuse because it sticks to the JSON syntax. and finally, JSON-LD makes powerful linked data

benifits of structured data to your website

Drive business outcome: for more info please read success stories Increase Your Brand Awareness: gain more power to control how your data is represented on Google search panel FAQ: provide information on frequent questions or concerns about your business to google knowledge graph AggregateRating and Reviews: to increase your credibility and how your business is represented on google search Product: did you know that rich snippets can boost your visibility, conversion and boost your google merchant ads? Service: Structured data can increase your chances for showing on local search to people searching for your business

Structured Data Drive Greater Insight for Google Analytics

When you integrate your schema markup into Google Analytics, you can add context to your reporting capabilities and gain business insight that was previously impossible to obtain

Big data, Google knowledge graph and schema markups

Schema markup can be a data source for Google Knowledge Graph, which is the big data record for almost everything online, the JSON-LD Markup code can provide description about all your entities (e.g: logo, contact, product, service, slogan, images, reviews, etc) when used, make sure your data is described properly, do not attempt to add or describe something that doesnt exist on your website, if you do that your markups might not be a credible source of info for Google

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Schema Markup? 
In simple terms, a Schema Markup is a piece of code that describes something on your Web page to search engines It helps search engine organize their data and provide relevant search results to match with the user intent

With Schemantra you have the power to leverage the full benefits of a data structure for your web pages, even if you don’t know the first thing about coding. All you have to know is how to copy/paste! In just a snap, you can use Schemantra to create a complete range of schema markups to improve the SERP ranking of just about any Web page
Schemantra is free for now, however this might change in the future
Schemantra has more than 1,400 Schema types with their full properties while other schema generators are very limited to less than 10 schemas, moreover, with Schemantra you can link schemas together and this is so powerful, you can also save, edit, update them and do more things, none of that exists in other schema generators
Over 10 million entities use JSON_LD data structure on their websites, Google, Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo and Yandix created schema org exactly for this purpose to make it easier for the crawlers to understand content, the schema markup vocabulary is developed to make it easier for webmasters and developers to reap maximum benefits for their efforts. Google scans billions of websites every day so it does not have much time to spend on every website, dont leave any data on the table, provide everything you got to google so google can find you when it is needed
Linked schemas allow Google crawlers to access data on one page from another page, by linking to a schema in that page. Linked schemas are useful for providing access to related data in other Web pages which makes it much easier for crawlers to understand your content
With Schemantra you can generate the following schemas but not limited to : local business, business type, products catalogue, product specifications, product guide, reviews, FAQ, contact, location, owner information, telephone, events, services, service catalogues, blog and much more .. Imagine being able to inform google about all this data, for sure it will make a difference!!
You do not need to know any type of coding language in order to use Schemantra, Our tool will generate all the code needed for your website automatically, all you have to do is to to fill in the required information and Schemantra will generate the code instantly
Schemantra uses JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) which is a light-weight, human friendly, and machine readable code to promote search results for all the information of your website
Structured data is good for all kinds of websites, you can basically generate schemas for pretty much anything that exists online, such as organizations, places, medical entities, creative works, actions, people, events, products, services, etc. however there is a wide range of schemas dedicated for local business and commercial products online such as auto dealerships and businesses related to it

Perfect your webmaster skills by creating highly detailed schema markups for anything that exists online


Schema Markups are messy and disconnected, Schemantra helps to create a network of standards-based, machine-readable data across Web pages for Google knowledge graph. It allows search engines to start at one piece of linked Schemas, and follow embedded links to other pieces of Schema that are hosted on different pages across your website and to different websites across the Web. linked Schema markups empower webmasters that publish and optimize information on the Web for search engines

7 reasons why to use SCHEMANTRA to generate your JSON-LD code

  • Boost Your SEO
    By enabling search engine algorithms to better understand the content of your web pages, linked Schema Markups generated by Schemantra can help raise your SEO game and enhance it by improving your online visibility. creating rich snippets, improving both local and global impressions, Increasing your brand’s visibility across all types of devices from mobile to desktop, and other smart devices
  • Generate, organize and connect your Schemas together for a better web
    Generate a network of standards-based, machine-readable data and link all your schemas together across you Web site for maximum optimization
  • Make your website-data machine readable to match user intent
    By creating structured data you can help Google to create and index everything on your website that will allow end users to find relevant information in a timely fashion
  • Get your website more exposed to Google:
    Tell google exactly what each and every page of your website is all about and notice how your organic reach is starting to increase
  • Increase organic click-through rates:
    You are going to get highly accurate markups that will enable search engines to index your content more accurately. When search engines match your pages with user intents, you get better click-through rates from organic traffic
  • Greater control over your brand messages:
    By improving your indexing, you can rest assured that only the most relevant content will be shown to searchers. Simply put, the right messages will be shown to the right searchers at the right moment, edging you closer and closer to your goals
  • Boost Your Google Ads on Google Merchant Center
    You can use schemantra structured annotations to allow Google to reliably retrieve up-to-date information directly from your website. In Merchant Center, the structured annotations can be used to update your product data and simplify the creation and maintenance of your product feed