How to Generate a Schema Markup

Schemantra can generate two types of schema markups, simple schema types and complex schema types.

  • How to Create a Simple Schema
  • How to Create a Complex Schema
  • How to Create a Simple Schema Type

    A primitive schema is one single stand-alone schema, which is not connected or part of another schema, to generate a simple schema

    1. Sign in
    2. In the Dashboard, click Create New
    3. In the Schema Navigator, search for the schema you are looking for
    4. Select schema type
    5. Click Submit
    6. In the schema property page, fill in your schema information and leave what is not applicable.
    7. Click Save Schema. You will go back to the Dashboard
    8. To view your code, in the Dashboard, Select your schema and then click on the eye sign to View Code.

    Note: In Schemantra, every schema has to have an ID. The ID is simply a label for your schema. You can call it anything you want, its for you to refer back to the schema later on

    How to Create a Complex Schema Type

    A complex schema is two or more primitive schemas connected
    1. In the Dashboard, click on the schema that you created in Step1
    2. Click the + sign
    3. On the Add Schema page, choose the schema you want to connect with
    4. Follow point 4 and 5 from Step1
    5. To view the schema, click on the schema you created in Step1 click on view code

    Note: if you would like to edit, preview-copy, or delete your schemas, In the Dashboard, click on the schema of your choice a snippet will pop up, select the related icon. For more information, read the Guide for User Interface

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