Build a Knowledge Graph to Describe a Car

This example provides background Information on the use of Schemantra for building a knowledge graph for a car.

The conceptual map and hierarchy of the Car Schema extension in this example

A knowledge graph is a collection of interlinked entities and their relationship.

An entity is a thing with distinct and independent existence. Examples of an entity are a single Person, Product, Service, Article or a single Organization.

To build a knowledge graph about something, we have to think about all the entities related to the thing we want to describe, link those entities to it, and show the relationship between them.

According to the diagram, to build a knowledge graph for a Car, we start by creating a car schema and then adding other descriptors by linking it with other entities. You can do that as follows:

  • Create a car schema: In the Dashboard, click Create New and create a Car schema. To learn how to create any schema using Schemantra, please refer to How to Generate Schema Markups.
  • Add a manufacturer to the car: in the Dashboard, click on the car schema, and click the + sign. On the add subschema page, find the manufacturer and add an Organization schema to it. Type in the information about the manufacturer.
  • Add an Offer to the Car: In the Dashboard, select the Car schema, click on the + sign in the add schema page, find offers and then add the Offer schema.
  • Add priceSpecification to the Offer: In the Dashboard, select the Offer schema, add priceSpecification to it, Type in the price and the currency of the price.
  • Add the company providing the Offer to the Offer: in the Dashboard, select the Offer schema, Find offeredBy and Add an Organization schema.
  • You can add other things to the Offer, such as a Warranty and acceptedPaymentMethod.

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